Green Sisters, with Arny Spielberg and Kim Webster opening, Feb. 8, 2020


7:00 p.m. Doors open @ 6:30 p.m. $15                             Students w/id-$10

Sprouting from a small farm in rural Massachusetts, the Green Sisters have had a deep love of music from birth.  They have been performing regularly in New England, garnering quite a following.  Featuring a mix of originals, bluegrass, Celtic, and barbershop music, it’s hard not to smile when treated with their tight harmonies and high energy tunes. Their live show is where they really shine, as they bounce their jovial banter around the stage as only siblings can. The sisters are hard at work on their second album, and are excited to share new songs and stories with you. We know you’ll enjoy the show!


Arny SpielbergKim Webster






Arny Spielberg (left) and Kim Webster (right) have admired each other’s playing from a distance for years. Kismet and a casual conversation spiked a mutual interest in performing together and this will be their first-ever collaboration.

Arny’s broad musical interests and sense of adventure span the blues, R&B, country and classic rock. He played in BYOBlues and is currently in The Lester Rawson Band. He is a frequent duo and trio collaborator with a variety of local musicians and is a member of the house band for the popular Petersham Jam events. Together with his wife Pam, Arny created the Without A Net series of musical fund-raiser events to support the UMass Memorial Cancer Center of Excellence.

Kim has played in several Worcester area bands through the 70s, 80s, and 90s including: “The Hansoms,” a formidable rock band; “The Trailers,” a country swing band, and “42nd Street,” a top-forties wedding band.  Kim’s musical compass then turned toward children’s music. Going by the name Mr. Kim, he wrote and recorded three children’s music albums. The first, “Musical Child(2004), received the Children’s Music Web Award for best new artist. That was followed with “Children of the Sea”(2005), which features “The Pop Corn Song”. His third album, “Humm”(2008), was another fan favorite with 30 songs.

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